News from the North Atlantic: An Update from Canada’s Yukon

NICHE 2015

Presenting at the second NICHE meeting, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. 2015. Photo: Chelsey Geralda Armstrong.

In May, 2016, I was invited to present at the Canadian Archaeological Association (Association Canadienne d’Archélogie)’s annual conference in Whitehorse, Yukon. Colleague Chelsey Geralda Armstrong and David Burley, both of Simon Fraser University, organized the session on Environment, Climate, Ecology, and Archaeological Contributions to the Discussion.

On the slopes above Whitehorse, Yukon. 2016.

On the slopes above Whitehorse, Yukon. 2016.

Along with co-presenting with Chelsey and Anna Shoemaker on our recent work, “Archaeological Contributions to Historical Ecology: 50 Questions, Infinite Prospects,” I served as a representative for the research that myself and others in the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation have been undertaking in my talk “Human Ecodynamics in the North Atlantic: Archaeological Sites as Endangered Environmental Archives.”




CAA/ACA Whitehorse 2016University of Maryland